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I had the opportunity to talk to with Bob Lazar during the Memorial Day Weekend, 2000.  Bob showed me a scale model of the Matter Anti-Matter Reactor aboard the “Sport Model” Flying Disc.  He stated that the same reactor design was installed in each of the nine discs that were located at S4 at the time of his employment there.  It appeared that this design was a standard design for all craft utilizing gravity amplification for propulsion.  Photos of the model of the reactor are provided below.

Element 115 Wedge

Figure 1:
Element 115 Wedge On Top
of Anti-Matter Reactor Model

Closeup of Element 115 Wedge

Figure 2:
Close-up of Element 115 Wedge On Top
of Anti-Matter Reactor Model

The Figure 1 and Figure 2 photographs, above, show the model of the Matter Anti-Matter Reactor opened up with the Element 115 fuel sitting on top of the conical shaped fuel housing.  The Element 115 fuel is machined into a long isosceles triangle shaped wedge with a conical point at the angle adjacent to the two equal length sides of the wedge for use as fuel in the reactor.  Recall that in the “Government Scientist Goes Public” article, it was mentioned that the fuel pellets were about the size of a 50 cent piece and weighed about 223 grams.  Several pellets are stacked one on top of the other in like manner to stacking the 50 cent pieces in a column just prior to wrapping them in paper.  They are fused together in a manner to create a vertical cylinder.  That cylinder is cut into a conical shape.  The conical shape is sliced vertically at the center of the cone to form the wedged Element 115 fuel element that is installed into the Matter Anti-Matter Reactor.  The detailed machining process to produce the Element 115 fuel wedge is provided on the “Element 115” Web Page and on Jon Farhat’s Website.

Element 115 Inserted into Reactor

Figure 3:
Element 115 Wedge Installed
in Anti-Matter Reactor Model

The fuel element is installed into the conical housing of the reactor with the conical pointed top of the isosceles triangle oriented downward into the conical housing as demonstrated in the Figure 3 photograph, above.  At this point, the reactor is still shut down.

Capped Anti-Matter Reactor Model

Figure 4:
Capped Anti-Matter Reactor Model

A cylindrical cap is installed onto the top of the conical shaped housing, analogous to installing a bottle cap onto a bottle as indicated by the Figure 4 photograph, above.  At this point the reactor energizes.  According to Bob Lazar, the reactor provides energy to the ship and to the gravity amplifiers by a matter anti-matter reaction.  The square shaped housing below was a type of particle cyclotron accelerator that provides the protons for reacting with Element 115.  A detailed physical description of the Matter Anti-Matter Reactor operation is provided in Jon Farhat’s Website (this Website is a pay site).  The protons are directed into the fuel housing through the guide tube shown on the left side of the reactor housing seen in the Figure 4 photo.  When Element 115 is bombarded with protons, it becomes Element 116.  Element 116 is unstable and gives up anti-protons.  The anti-protons are directed downward from the wedge and annihilate when they come in contact with protons and produce energy.  Each proton/anti-proton annhiliation reaction generates 1,862 Million Electron Volts (MeV) of energy.  One Uraninum-235 fissioning (splitting) in a Nuclear Reactor generates about 200 MeV of energy for comparison purposes.  That energy is directly converted into electrical energy through thermo-electric generators that are also located below the reactor in the square housing.  There is no measurable gamma, neutron, alpha, or beta radiation emitted from this reactor.  It poses no danger to the occupants of the craft.


I will admit that I did not initially understand how an anti–proton is generated from the bombardment of the Element 115 nucleus with a proton.  This nuclear reaction is unlike any nuclear reaction that I was familiar with at the time.  However, there is Earthly evidence that such a reaction could take place when a super-heavy element such as Element 115 is bombarded with other nuclei (including a proton).  Dr. Walter Greiner, Professor of Physics, Institut für Theoretical Physics, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main, has been deeply involved with research in the generation of anti-matter from nuclear collisions with super-heavy elements:


Institut für Theoretische Physik
J. W. Goethe-Universität
D-60054 Frankfurt, Germany

The extension of the periodic system into various new areas is investigated.  Experiments for the synthesis of superheavy elements and the predictions of magic numbers are reviewed.  Further on, investigations on hypernuclei and the possible production of antimatter-clusters in heavy-ion collisions are reported.  Various versions of the meson field theory serve as effective field theories at the basis of modern nuclear structure and suggest structure in the vacuum which might be important for the production of hypermatter and antimatter.

A tremendously rich scenario of new nuclear structure emerges, with new magic numbers in the strangeness domain and new forms of nuclear clusters combined of p, n, \Lambda, \Sigma, \Xi, etc.  The production mechanisms for these objects and for antinuclei rest in high energetic heavy ion collisions.

Reference:  On the Extension of the Periodic System into the Sectors of Superheavy Elements, Strangeness and Antimatter

Bob Lazar mentioned that the thermoelectric generators appear to violate the known laws of thermodynamics.  There was no indication that any heat was being produced by the reactor.  However, we discussed the possibility that the reactor is operating in the strong gravitational field that it produces.  Space-Time is being warped within the reactor, itself, because of the generation of the strong gravitational fields.  Can we actually trust what we see?  It is very possible that the gravitational field prevents radiation from leaving the reactor in like manner to a black hole.  Once the hemispherical dome is installed onto the reactor, as indicated in the Figure 5 photograph, below, one can no longer “see” what is happening in the reactor.

Anti-Matter Reactor With Hemispherical Dome Installed

Figure 5:
Anti-Matter Reactor
With Hemispherical Dome Installed

When the hemispherical dome is installed over the reactor, the gravitational field can be felt.  Bob Lazar described it as if he became a human magnet and he had the same magnetic polarity as the dome of the reactor.  Recall that “like poles” of two magnets, either North Pole to North Pole or South Pole to South Pole, repel one another.  As he moved toward the dome, he could feel a force attempting to push him away from the reactor.  This was the repulsive gravitational field established by the reactor which was amplifying the Strong Nuclear Force of Element 115.  Bob Lazar mentioned that he tried to hit the reactor hemispherical shell with a golf ball.  When he threw the golf ball at the shell, it would bounce off before even physically striking the surface of the dome.  The golf ball appeared to be striking a repulsive force field.  Bob Lazar’s description of the observation reminded me of the scene from the movie “Independence Day” where Jeff Goldblum places a coke can on the alien space craft in the underground hanger at Area 51 and has an Air Force Major attempt to shoot the coke can with his pistol and knock it off the craft.  In that scene, the protective force field established by the alien craft repelled the bullet and kept it from hitting the coke can.


After I had initially seen the “Government Scientist Goes Public” article, I had thought I understood basically how the Reticulan Anti-Matter Reactor amplified the “Strong Nuclear Force” (gravitational field) of the Element 115 wedge.  I had assumed an electric coil existed around the housing containing the Element 115 wedge to establish the magnetic field.  Upon discussing the operation of the Anti-Matter Reactor with Bob Lazar and personally observing the assembly of the model of the Anti-Matter Reactor, I became somewhat baffled by the actual physics involved in amplifying the gravitational field of the Element 115 wedge.  Bob Lazar and the team he worked with at S4 were never actually able to come up with a full explanation as to how the Anti-Matter Reactor amplified the “Strong Nuclear Force” of Element 115.  While at S4, Bob Lazar observed that an actual wedge of Element 115 bent light around it, indicating it was “radiating” a strong gravitational field.  As one can see from Figures 6 and 7, below, there is no observable coil or core plates around the Anti-Matter Reactor as there are for the gravity amplifiers used for “Space-Time Compression.”  I had the opportunity to talk to Al Bielek in Mid July 2000.  Al Bielek claims to have been involved with both the “Philadelphia Experiment” and the “Montauk Project.”  Al Bielek told me of his experience working with Dr. Edward Teller, the father of the Hydrogen Bomb.  He mentioned that during one of the United States underground nuclear bomb tests, detectors were used to measure the time of propagation of the electromagnetic field pulse produced by the blast.  The pulse was expected to propagate at the speed of light.  The electromagnetic field was measured to propagate instantaneously, apparently violating Dr. Einstein’s Special Relativity theory.  He also mentioned to me that a major reason for the Soviets stopping their thermonuclear bomb testing was because they had actually "opened a door to another dimension" after having detonated a 100 Megaton Warhead.  It appears that a nuclear reaction, that is, the energy liberated from a nuclear reaction, can amplify a gravitational field and compress "Space-Time."  Therefore, the proton/anti-proton annihilation reaction that takes place within the Reticulan Anti-Matter Reactor provides the electromagnetic field and power to amplify the gravitational field from the Element 115 wedge.  A current carrying conductor coil wrapped around the housing for the Element 115 wedge is not necessary.  It should be noted that the number of UFO sightings rose dramatically in the mid to late 1940s and afterward when man started detonating nuclear weapons on Earth.  Perhaps the reason for the significant increase in UFO sightings was because the nuclear detonations resulted in significant distortions in Space-Time.  These Space-Time distortions may have been detected by alien races dwelling several light-years to several hundred light-years from our solar system.

Anti-Matter Reactor Blowup Cutaway of Sport Model Flying Disc
Figure 6:
Anti-Matter Reactor
With Waveguide

Figure 7:
Cutaway of “Sport Model” Flying Disc
With Anti-Matter Reactor
and Gravity Amplifiers

A waveguide is, then, installed at the top of the hemisperical dome and extends upward through the inside of the craft to the top of the sport model and extends a bit beyond the top of the hull as if it were an antenna.  When the waveguide is installed, the repulsive gravitational field disappears in the vicinity of the dome.  The waveguide directs the gravity waves upward.  The actual Reactor is about three times the size of this model.  Bob Lazar stated the hemispherical dome was about the size of a basketball or medicine ball.

All structures and supports aboard the craft are rounded.  The only “sharp corner” on the craft is the horizontal edge of the disc on the outside.  The design of the crafts structural archways are all rounded and appear to be installed as gravity waveguides as well as for structural support.  All equipment in the craft was installed simplistically and for its specific function.  There appeared to be no superfluous equipment or items installed for aesthetics.  The craft was a perfectly designed machine.  Essentially everything installed in the craft was one color, the metallic silver color, with the exception of the core plates and the core plate insulating material in the gravity amplifiers.

Unfortunately for we Earthlings, Element 115 is not readily available here and it does not appear that we will be able to develop a manufacturing process, that is, some nuclear reaction, that will be able to produce Element 115 in any appreciable quantities.  Currently, the only apparent way to get this exotic fuel is by contact with extraterrestrials or obtaining it from a downed alien spacecraft.  If we are to succeed in developing interstellar space travel, we will have to find a means to produce gravitational field propulsion using elements readily available here on Earth for us.  It will be a significant challenge, but I believe we can succeed in this endeavor.

There may very well be a material on Earth that can produce the gravity field in like manner to Element 115.  That material is the Element Bismuth (83Bi209) which is usually found mixed with Lead ore.  Bismuth is currently used as the replacement for Lead shot in shotgun shells because it is non-toxic.  Bismuth has a very similar nuclear configuration as the elusive Element 115.  Element 115 has one lone proton in the 8th Energy Level and Bismuth has one lone proton in the 7th Energy Level.  The lone proton in the outer energy level for Element 115 and Bismuth make it easier to access the “Strong Nuclear Force” of those elements for amplification.  Refer to my “Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory” Chapter XI, “Properties of the Strong Nuclear Force, Nuclear Properties of Bismuth, and the Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory” for the explanation of the physics of the “Strong Nuclear Force” of Bismuth and Element 115.  Element 115 has a full complement of neutrons filling 8 Energy Levels.  Bismuth has a full complement of neutrons filling 7 Energy Levels.  Henry William Wallace patented a mechanical device that can generate a secondary gravitational force field using a rotating Bismuth disc on December 14, 1971.  The U.S. Patent Number is 3,626,605 and the title is “Method and Apparatus for Generating a Secondary Gravitational Force Field.”  Henry William Wallace’s Patent provides the physical evidence that Earthbound materials are available to support development of a spacecraft used for interstellar space travel.  Henry William Wallace’s Patent provides the physical evidence giving credibility to Bob Lazar’s claims about Element 115 being used as the gravity source aboard extraterrestrial spacecraft.  If we can provide a power source that can generate the power equivalent to the Reticulan Anti-Matter Reactor and provide the electro-magnetic field required to amplify the “Strong Nuclear Force” of Bismuth, we may be able to generate a linear gravitational field just as the “Sport Model” Flying Disc and perform macroscopic “Space-Time Compression” to travel to the stars just as the Reticulan race currently does.

Bob Lazar and Ken Wright Displaying Model of Reticulan Anti-Matter Reactor

Figure 8:
Bob Lazar and Ken Wright Displaying
“Sport Model” Flying Disc
Anti-Matter Reactor Model

I thank Bob Lazar for taking the time to explain the design and operation of the Anti-Matter Reactor aboard the Sport Model Flying Disc to me and I appreciate the photographs of his model of the Anti-Matter Reactor he provided for my Website.


Visible Light Spectrum


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