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Considerable Evidence Supporting His Claims

Evidence supporting his claims is considerable.  In addition to his claiming Naval Intelligence work at S4 (15 miles southwest of Area 51) from late 1988 to early 1989, Robert Lazar claimed to have worked at the Meson Physics lab, a part of the Los Alamos National Laboratories.  The FBI is still dragging its feet in investigating his employment there, even though former Nevada Congressman James Bilbray asked it to investigate over four years ago.  Evidently, FBI agents are still scratching their heads, wondering how to both deny his employment at Los Alamos and explain why his name is in an old telephone directory of Los Alamos scientists.  An article by staff writer Terry England in the June 27, 1982 edition of the Los Alamos Monitor, which shows a picture of Lazar standing next to a jet car and refers to his employment as a scientist with Los Alamos, is also hard to explain.  Two-dozen odd Los Alamos employees told former KLAS-TV anchor George Knapp that they remembered Lazar.  Some of them said that they had been warned not to talk about Lazar and that they were afraid to talk about him.  Four of them, though, confirmed for Knapp that Lazar had been working on classified projects there.  After denying Lazar’s employment there since 1989, Los Alamos in April 1994 finally changed its story and said that he had been employed there.  Knapp also talked to former employees of the super-secret Groom Lake base, who corroborated Lazar’s description of such details as how one gets to the base dining room, what the dining room looks like, and how one pays for meals there.  It’s extremely unlikely that an outsider would know such information.

Bob LazarBob Lazar’s Jet Car

Bob Lazar and His Jet Car

A respected, no-nonsense reporter, Knapp has a master’s degree in communications and has won AP and UPI awards for his quality UFO journalism.  He accepts Lazar’s story because too much of it checks out.  In 1989, Lazar passed a lie-detector test arranged by Knapp.  At MUFON’s 1992 Midwest Conference in Springfield, Missouri, Knapp presented further strong evidence of Lazar’s credibility.  Lazar had mentioned that a man by the name of Mike Thigpen had visited his house and interviewed him in connection with his S4 employment.  Kristen Merck and Mrs. Wayne Higdon, two witnesses who happened to be at Lazar’s house, confirmed Thigpen’s visit.  Knapp rhetorically asks, “How did Bob Lazar know the name Mike Thigpen?”

The Department of Energy confirmed for Knapp that the Office of Federal Investigations (OFI ... whose phone number is not even listed in Las Vegas phone books) performs background checks on people who get clearances to work at the Nevada Test Site or at Nellis AFB.  An employee of OFI called Knapp and confirmed that Thigpen worked for OFI.  How did Lazar know that Thigpen did background checks?  It took Knapp phone calls, friendly insider governmental contacts, and all his award-winning investigative skills before he found out who Thigpen was.  The W-2 form Naval Intelligence mailed Lazar is hard to explain away as well.  Knapp has examined this W-2 form, and copies of it have been seen on TV.  Further boosting Lazar’s credibility, John Andrews, plastic kit division manager of the Testor Corporation, found out that the U.S. Postal Service sends mail with the zip code NIC-01, the code on Lazar’s W-2 form, to Naval Intelligence command in Maryland.

Bob Lazar’s W2 Form from U.S. Department of Naval Intelligence

Bob Lazar’s W2 Form from the United States Department of Naval Intelligence

Also hard to explain away is the unusual response the State of Nevada received when it requested documents about Lazar from the federal government.  The reply said that information on Bob Lazar was on a need-to-know basis, and you don’t need to know.  This kind of reply is consistent with Lazar’s having had a high security clearance.

Further Supporting Evidence

On October 17, 1993 Knapp, after recently returning from his trip to Russia, gave some news on Art Bell’s Area 2000 radio show.  Knapp’s contact in Russia was a general who reported directly to the Russian counterpart of the Pentagon’s chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.  Knapp said that in the Summer of 1988, a Soviet spy satellite took pictures of the Papoose Lake area.  One of the photos shows roads that lead into nearby hills where Lazar said the discs were stored.  Parked busses with blacked-out windows are shown near the hanger area (In early interviews, Lazar had specifically mentioned being transported from Groom Lake to S4 in busses with blacked-out windows).  Before May, 1989 (the date of Lazar’s first appearance on KLAS-TV), Soviet satellites took only one or two photos of S4 a month, but after that date they took them daily.  For sale at sky-high prices, the photos are cataloged according to date, time, and satellite.

Satellite Photo of S4 Disc

Blow Up of Satellite Photo of S4 Disc

Satellite Photo
of Flying Disc
at S4

Blowup of Satellite Photo
of Flying Disc at S4

Soviet Satellite Photo of “Sport Model” Flying Disc
Coordinates of Area S4:  N 37o 01' 40", W 115o 46' 35"

Sport Model

Image of the “Sport Model” Flying Disc

Cutaway View of Sport Model Flying Disc

Cutaway View of the “Sport Model” Flying Disc

Antimatter Reaction and Gravity Amplification

On several local Las Vegas radio shows and on Chuck Harder’s national For the People radio show, Lazar has answered questions on the propulsion system of flying saucers, or “discs” as our government calls them.  According to documents Lazar read at S4, discs fly by amplifying gravitational waves.  Gravity is actually two waves, identified as gravity A and gravity B.  Gravity A is at the atomic level.  That is, the wave does not extend beyond the molecular bond except in Element 115 (super-heavy trans-Uranic element with 115 protons).  This slight extension allows the wave to be accessed and amplified.  Gravity A is currently called the strong nuclear force.  The propulsion system is an antimatter reactor.  In the disc Lazar crawled inside, the reactor was a sphere, about the size of a medicine ball.  The top half of it was visible in the middle of the floor.  Fuel for the reactor is Element 115, UnUnPentium.  On a Periodic Table, UnUnPentium, a super-heavy metal, would be listed as UUP.  It has a melting point of 1,740 degrees Celsius.  When it is bombarded with protons, it becomes Element 116, an element that gives off anti-matter.  In the reactor, there is an annihilation reaction between matter and anti-matter.


My “Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory” demonstrates the Nuclear Attraction Force that holds the protons and neutrons together in the nucleus is the same as the Gravitational Force that holds each of us on the Earth as it spins on its axis and holds the Earth in orbit around the Sun.  Robert Lazar mentions in his press release that there are two types of Gravity Waves, “Gravity Wave A” which is the same as the “Strong Nuclear Attraction Force” and originates from the atom.  “Gravity Wave B” is the gravity associated with the Earth, Moon, planets, Sun, and stars.  Robert Lazar observed that the UFO propulsion system amplifies Gravity Waves coming from the nucleus of a “super-heavy” element, Element 115.  I agree with the observation that Gravity Waves originate from the nucleus of the atom.  I disagree that the nuclear force and the gravity that holds us on the Earth are two separate forces.  In accordance with Isaac Newton, the force of gravity is a function of mass and distance from that mass.  The electrons have a mass of 1/1840 of the mass of either a proton or a neutron, therefore, the majority of the mass is located in the nucleus.  The gravitational attraction that holds each one of us on the Earth is the integration of all the atom masses that make up the Earth.  Each nucleus has a very small residual gravitational field with it that goes beyond the atom.  In most cases, that field is so small it is not detectable unless one integrates the residual force over all the atoms that make up a mass of interest ... in this case the very Earth we live on.  The reason for the Strong Nuclear Force leaving Element 115 with a much greater intensity outside the atom than for other known atoms is the fact that the one lone proton in the eighth proton energy level for Element 115 results in a lower intensity quantized nuclear gravitation field next to the nucleus than for other atoms.  With a lower initial intensity of the quantized gravitational field next to the nucleus, the amount of “Space-Time Compression” occurring near the nucleus is reduced.  The intensity of the Strong Nuclear Force drops off more gradually resulting in a greater intensity of the Strong Nuclear Force outside the atom.  This “Space-Time Compression” effect takes place between the nucleus and the electron cloud, therefore has no effect on the overall diameter of the atom.  This discussion is not intended to discredit Robert Lazar’s testimony.  Be aware that Robert Lazar was reporting what he observed.  Since the current Physics paradigm states that the Strong Nuclear Force has nothing to do with Gravity, it would not have been obvious to any scientist that the forces were actually the same.

Matter/Anti-Matter Reactor

The Matter Anti-Matter Reactor
Aboard the “Sport Model” Flying Disc

The copper-orange colored fuel pellet aliens use is about the size of a fifty-cent piece, and it weighs about 223 grams.  Supporting the claim that UnUnPentium is a stable element, Lazar notes, “... in that heavy ion research facility [GSI] in Germany, they just discovered that in their dabbling in transmuting elements, and as we got higher up on the periodic chart their half lives got shorter and shorter.  Well, for the first time they came up with Element 109, I think, and the half life became longer, and they are seriously considering that this may be a trend and that it may lead up to a stable element.  And they theorize that it would be in the Element 115 area.  And, in fact, this is true, and this is what this element is; it is essentially stable.”

The wave that is produced from the matter-antimatter reaction is present on the spherical reactor.  Attached to the reactor is a transparent wave guide which is tuned in such a manner that it provides an easy path for the wave to take.  It takes less effort for the wave to travel up the wave guide than go elsewhere.  The bottom of the tapered wave guide touches the top of the reactor, while the top of the wave guide extends to the ceiling.  Electric power is produced in thermoelectric generators located at the bottom of the reactor.  The generators are virtually 100% efficient.

NOTE 1:   In late 1988, Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH (GSI) facility in Germany isolated Element 113.  In early 1999, Lawrence-Berkeley Laboratories isolated Elements 114, 116, and 118.  The isotope of Element 114 isolated contained 175 neutrons and had a half-life of 30 seconds.  This isotope of Element 114 was short of being “a double magic nucleus” by 9 neutrons.  114 is a magic number for protons and 184 is a magic number for neutrons.  A 30 second half-life represents a relative eternity compared to the half-lives of Elements 100 through 109.  Refer to the information provided about Element 114, UnUnQuadium, in WebElements.  A discussion regarding the discovery of Element 114 is provided in the article, “Pushing the Limits of the Periodic Table.”  Robert Lazar’s interview was in early 1989.  I believe a “double magic” isotope of Element 114 containing 184 neutrons may be a stable or relatively stable isotope.  For this isotope of Element 114, both the seventh energy level of protons would be filled to capacity and the eighth energy level of neutrons would be filled to capacity.  A stable or relatively stable isotope of Element 115 may also exist containing 184 neutrons.  Element 115 would have 114 protons filling the first seven energy levels for protons to capacity and have one lone proton, the 115th proton, in the eighth energy level for protons and have 184 neutrons filling the first eight neutron energy levels to capacity.  Element 115 has a very similar nuclear configuration to the stable isotope of Bismuth.  Bismuth, or 83Bi209, has 82 protons filling the first six proton energy levels to capacity and one lone proton, the 83rd proton, in the seventh energy level for protons and has 126 neutrons filling the first seven energy levels for neutrons to capacity.
NOTE 2:   I had the opportunity to talk to Bob Lazar about the design and operation of the Matter/Anti-Matter Reactor aboard the “Sport Model” Flying Disc during the Memorial Day Weekend, May 2000.  The following Web Page on my Website, “Design and Operation of the “Sport Model” Flying Disc Anti-Matter Reactor,” provides a detailed description of the design and operation of the Reticulan Anti-Matter Reactor and includes photographs of Bob Lazar’s model of the Anti-Matter Reactor.

Blowup of Cutaway View of Sport Model Flying Disc

Blowup Cutaway of the "Sport Model" Flying Disc

The gravity amplifiers themselves are three tubes about two feet in diameter and four feet long.  They are arranged in a triangular configuration below a false floor and above the bottom of the craft.  The reactor is centered between the three amplifiers because the wave is also present at the bottom of the reactor.  The reactor acts as a transmitter, similar to a Tesla Coil, in that it produces its own gravitational wave, and, depending on how the amplifiers are oriented, gravity waves can be focused on a point or spread out.  On gimbols, each Gravity Wave amplifier can operate independently.  The waves are phase shifted, which changes the wave’s orientation and plane from 0 degrees to 180 degrees, thereby changing the attraction or repulsion of the wave.  When a disc operates on only one amplifier, standing on a pedestal of gravity, it is said to operate in an Omicron Configuration.  In this configuration, the other two amplifiers are freed for other uses -- such as picking up cattle.

Sport Model Flying Disc in Omicron Mode

Omicron Configuration


The Omicron Configuration for operation of the Sport Model Flying Disc is essentially the establishment of a “repulsive gravitational field” which allows the spacecraft to hover over a planet or moon.  A news article from the April 3, 2001, issue of the New York Times indicates that photos of a distant Supernova taken by the Hubble Space Telescope may provide the evidence that “Negative Gravity,” that is, a repulsive gravitational field, can exist.  This article is titled, “Photo Gives Weight to Einstein’s Thesis of Negative Gravity.”

Sport Model Flying Disc in Delta Mode

Delta Configuration

In the Delta Configuration, discs operate on all three amplifiers.  This configuration is used in space for long-distance travel.  In space, a disc tilts over on its back so that the gravitational amplifiers focus on where the disc is going, and the propulsion system is powered up, amplifying gravitational waves that are out of phase with Earth’s gravity.  The amplified gravitational waves distort space and time or “Space-Time” as it is referred to in the documents.  That gravity distorts or warps space is currently known in mainstream physics.  That is why astronomers, at certain positions during an eclipse, can see stars that are directly behind the sun (the sun’s gravity causes the star’s light to bend around the sun).  That gravity distorts time is also known.  For example, if you and a friend have atomic clocks synchronized to each other and your friend climbs a mountain or goes up in an airplane, the clocks will be out of sync when your friend returns (your clock is in a stronger gravitational field).  In short, the disc warps space-time, attaches itself to the warp and snaps back.  Imagine a thin sheet of rubber stretched out (this represents space).  Now, put a ball bearing on the sheet (this represents the disc).  Now, with your fingers under the sheet, pinch the rubber at a point some distance from the ball bearing.  Keeping the rubber pinched, move the pinch to the ball bearing.  As you bring the pinch back to its original position, the ball bearing will follow.  This is an analogy of what happens.

Gravity Amplifier

Gravity Amplifier

Of the nine discs, each different, kept in interconnecting hangers, Lazar had hands-on experience with one he dubbed the “Sport Model” because of its sleek appearance.  It was about 52 feet in diameter.  Before he worked on it, he was given a short demonstration of its ascending about 30 feet, moving to the left, then to the right, and then rapidly ascending from there.  Before initially lifting off the ground, the disc briefly gave off a corona discharge, a sound similar to that of high-voltage electricity, and then it was completely silent, its bottom glowing blue.  The hissing and glowing are by-products of the tremendous electromagnetic pulses generated from the craft.  Inside the “Sport Model,” Lazar saw a console and children-sized chairs.  There were no 90 degree angles inside, and everything appeared softly rounded.

NOTE:   V. V. Roschin and S. M. Godin:  “Verification of the Searl Effect” provides a study of the “Searl Effect,” which is the physics of generating and/or amplifying a gravity field by use of rotating magnetic fields.  The intense currents flowing through the core plates of the gravity amplifiers of the “Sport Model” Flying Disc generating the intense magnetic fields are amplifying the gravity field produced by the Element 115 in the Anti-Matter Reactor.  Robert Lazar's observance of this phenomenon is consistent with the physics of the “Searl Effect.”

According to the documents, the aliens are identified as being from Zeta 2 Reticuli, the second star of a binary system in the Constellation Reticulum.  They come from the fourth planet out.  A day on their planet is about 90 hours long.  Although it is about 37 light-years from Zeta 2 Reticuli to Earth, discs take very little time to cover the distance because discs do not travel in a linear mode.  Speed is defined as distance divided by time.  Since discs operate by warping time itself and space itself, a more complicated formula than “speed equals distance divided by time (s = d/t)” is needed to describe what happens.  It is not so much that discs break Einstein’s famous rule that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light; it’s more accurate that discs get around the rule altogether.  Recall that Einstein died trying to understand gravity.  According to Lazar, gravity propagates instantly.

NOTE 1:   Zeta 2 Reticuli is the same star system that Ms. Marjorie Fish determined was the hub of a holographic star map that Betty Hill remembered seeing aboard an extra-terrestrial spacecraft and was able to draw while under hypnosis.  Betty and Barney Hill were the victims of a documented alien abduction that took place near Exeter, New Hampshire, in 1961.  While under hypnosis, Betty Hill described the extra-terrestrials as 3 1/2 foot to 4 foot tall grey beings.  Refer to the article, “The Zeta Reticuli Incident” by Terence Dickinson.  The children-sized seats Robert Lazar described inside the “Sport Model” Flying Disc would be ideal size for beings 3 1/2 foot to 4 foot tall to pilot such a craft, consistent with the height of the beings described by Betty Hill.
NOTE 2:   Robert Lazar claimed that gravity propagates instantaneously.  If one thinks about that, it actually makes perfect sense logically.  Gravity warps or bends space and time.  We measure the speed or velocity of an object by observing the distance that the object travels in a given time interval.  If the very parameters that we use to measure distance and time are significantly affected by strong gravitational fields, then it would be impossible to actually define a finite speed to the propagation of gravity.  A recent article, “Rethinking Relativity,” had stated that Associate Professor Tom Van Flandern from the University of Maryland issued a document, “The Speed of Gravity - What the Experiments Say,” demonstrating that gravity propagated at least 20 billion times faster than light and may very well propagate instantaneously.

When traveling at relatively slow speeds near a planet, discs again use gravity, but in a different way.  This time discs balance on gravity waves and “fall” in the direction they want to go.  Gravitational waves from the disc are phase shifted into the planet’s gravity.  Although discs are more unstable in this mode, they can still perform maneuvers that are beyond the capabilities of conventional aircraft -- such as making 90 degree turns on a dime or accelerating rapidly.  Those inside the discs experience no G forces during these maneuvers.

Bob Lazar’s S4 Photo ID Badge

Bob Lazar’s Identification Badge for Access to Work at S4

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