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UFO Encounter -- Time Backs Up

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UFO reports of time going backwards are so rare they are not known or even discussed in books or magazines.  Alien Abduction Experience and Research (AAER) is pleased to have interviewed these witnesses and their remarkable experience with a UFO and time going backwards.

The following UFO sighting occurred at 12:20 a.m. Sunday, October 5, 1997, in Michigan.  The weather was unusually balmy and in the 60’s and the sky was clear.  The two neighbors did not realize their odd events of the night before were connected by a UFO.  Here’s how it began.

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Carolyn and her husband went to the movie theater to see the 10:15 p.m. showing of the movie “L.A. Confidential” on Saturday night October 4, 1997.  It had been a very long day filled with family activities and she was very exhausted.  All she could think about was wanting to stay home and go to sleep, but she had promised her husband a night out because he wanted them to have fun going to the movies.  Their children, ages 11 and 13, stayed home.

During the movie, Carolyn was very agitated and continuously checked the time on her watch every few minutes.  She was not worried about the children because they had been home on their own before.  As the time neared midnight, she felt even more frantic to get home.  She felt she was supposed to be home before midnight, but did not know why.  More time passed and the movie seemed to be reaching its conclusion.  She checked her watch again and it was now 12:08 a.m.  She knew the movie would end soon.  She checked her watch every two minutes.  Finally, the movie ended.  She checked her watch.  It was now 12:18 a.m. Carolyn was so relieved that she and her husband could leave the theater and go home.

Carolyn and her husband walked outside into the balmy Indian summer evening air.  They stood on the sidewalk outside the movie theater under the light.  Carolyn checked her watch again.  It was now 12:20 a.m.  The theater was only one mile from their house and she knew they would be home shortly.

They walked across the parking lot.  Carolyn looked up at the sky and wondered if a UFO was causing her agitation.  They got into the car.  Carolyn’s agitation to get home was now intense.  She checked her watch again and was shocked to see the time was now 12:10 a.m.!  Time had gone backwards!  She wondered if something had happened involving a UFO in the area.  This situation involving time backing up had happened to her twice last spring.  Carolyn learned from a UFO researcher friend that these events involving “extra time” were unexplainably associated with UFOs.  She wondered if there had been a UFO in the area, but did not see anything unusual in the sky.  Carolyn did not say anything about this to her husband.  They arrived home and checked on the kids who were sleeping and then they went to bed.

Early Sunday morning around 7:30 a.m., Carolyn’s 13 year old son came downstairs to the kitchen holding a bloody pillowcase and sheet.  He said he was sorry that he had a bad nosebleed during the night.  He was very apologetic saying this had not happened in a long time.  Carolyn wondered again if there was a connection between time backing up ten minutes and his bloody nose.  Had there been a UFO in the area?  Then she forgot all about it until she went shopping in the afternoon with her neighbor Melinda.

Carolyn and Melinda had pre-arranged to go shopping together at Sam’s Club on Sunday afternoon.  They drove to the store and were standing in a dark aisle when Melinda turned to Carolyn and said she suddenly remembered something that had happened the night before.  Melinda said she had not remembered it until just then and was debating whether or not to tell Carolyn.  It was about a very strange thing she saw in Carolyn’s backyard last night.  Melinda was clearly distressed by what she had remembered.  Carolyn told Melinda she had to tell her what happened.

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Melinda said she wanted to let their dog outside one last time for the night, so she went into the family room to tell her husband who was laying on the couch watching TV.  Suddenly, the TV volume went low and the screen filled with static.  Melinda began fiddling with the buttons to bring back the volume and get the static out of the picture, but was unable to.  She asked her husband how he could stand watching the TV like that, but he said it didn’t bother him.

Then Melinda returned to the kitchen and opened the backyard kitchen door which faced Carolyn’s backyard.  She glanced at the clock on the microwave oven and saw that it was 12:20 a.m.  She opened the back door for the dog to race outside ahead of her as he always did, but this time, he froze in his tracks in the doorway.  He began whining the way he did when he was nervous during a thunder and lightening storm.  Melinda thought his behavior was very odd.

Then Melinda glanced across her backyard into Melinda’s about fifty feet away and saw what scared the dog.  It was a large white, glowing sphere floating just above the ground.  Melinda walked across her porch and onto the deck.  She described everything outside as “suddenly being very silent.”  The sphere was about 10 or 12 feet in diameter.  It was so large it reached from the bottom of the first floor window to the bottom of the second floor master bedroom window at Carolyn’s house.  It glowed a white diffused light that was “like looking through a sheer curtain.”  It hovered above the ground.  Melinda said the sphere was clearly solid and “not a light you could put your hand through.”

Then the sphere began to move faster across the backyard traveling from west to east.  When it got to the area between Carolyn’s house and the next house, the sphere “shrank down in size to where it could fit between the houses” and then down to the size of a basketball.  The sphere rapidly accelerated rising high into the sky, gradually becoming smaller.  It rose like a very bright star, but brighter than any star in the sky.  Then it turned and rapidly flew west, then turned back swinging a big arc and flew east over her house.  Melinda felt no fear of the object.  She had never seen anything like it and knew no plane or jet could fly like that.

After the object flew off, the dog came outside.  Melinda, who had spent most of Saturday laying down with a severe migraine headache, noticed her migraine headache was miraculously gone (which was most unusual).

Melinda went back inside the house “feeling very heavy and tired.”  Suddenly, she became “violently ill” and lay down on the floor next to the sofa where her husband was watching TV.  She told him she was suddenly very sick and asked for his help to get her up to bed.  Oddly, Melinda insisted on sleeping in the guest bedroom which she said was a most unusual request.  During the night, Melinda suffered severe diarrhea, unlike anything she had ever experienced before.  She kept a container by the bed for her nausea just in case.  In the morning she felt better, but was physically very exhausted.

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by Ken Wright

Although Carolyn never actually saw the UFO, she sensed that a UFO was in the area.  She claimed to have experienced a UFO encounter twice during the Spring of 1997, six months previous to this latest encounter in October, 1997.  UFOs typically use a gravity field propulsion system for hovering over a planet or traveling through space.  Intense pulsing electromagnetic fields are used to amplify gravity and generate the UFO’s gravity field for hovering and moving about the surface of a planet such as Earth (see “Government Scientist Goes Public”).  The human body’s nervous system is essentially a large network of electrical wiring where signals from the brain are continually being sent to all parts of the body, giving the body the ability to function as it does.  Strong electromagnetic fields can interfere with the transmission of electrical signals and other neurological functions of the human body.  I suspect that Carolyn’s uneasyness and irritability was due to ill effects resulting from the electromagnetic fields produced by the gravity amplifiers of the hovering UFO.

It is possible that Melinda’s post-UFO encounter sickness and nausea was, also, a result of the UFO’s electromagnetic fields.  Melinda reported the UFO originally being about two stories high.  When the UFO took off, it appeared to shrink to the size of a basketball and was able to travel between adjacent houses.  Based upon Melinda’s description of the UFO’s original size, the UFO could not have fit between the adjacent houses by classical physics.  However, with a gravity field propulsion system, the intense local gravity field can “warp” or “compress” “Space-Time” in accordance with Albert Einstein’s General Relativity Theory.  The bending of light in such an intense gravity field can alter the appearance of an object surrounded by such a field.  When relativistic velocities (velocities near the velocity of light) are involved, the effects of Special Relativity can be observed.  When intense gravitational fields are present, the effects of General Relativity can be observed.  In either case, two observers in either separate relativistic inertial reference frames or in separate accelerated reference frames will not agree with one another on measured distances and/or the specific time that events appear to occur to them because of the resultant “Space-Time Compression” that takes place.

Space-Time Compression” is discussed in detail on the General Relativity page on this Website.  “The Physics of Star Trek and Subspace Communication:  Science Fiction or Science Fact?” provides a detailed explanation of a gravity field propulsion system and how “Space-Time Compression” can be used to make Interstellar Space Travel possible.  “The Philadelphia Experiment and the Secrets of Montauk” Website discusses the U.S. Government’s Top Secret Time-Travel Experiments utilizing the principles of Albert Einstein’s General Relativity and Unified Field Theories.

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